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Our Services

Our Services

Established in 1980, Paragon International Marketing, Pakistan comes along with expertise and capabilities of providing diverse range of interior décor solutions, augmented with precision and aesthetics, for office buildings and homes throughout the Country. Paragon has engaged a team of professionals specialized in their respective area of expertise, be it installation of raised access floors, false ceiling, wooden floors, aluminum or glass partitioning network for open space configuration, supply of CCTV Camera & Networking and provision of Anti-blast shatter film to office premises and residential units. In addition, we are providing services as General Contractors with distinct range of services including wholesale and imported products. We have offices located in two countries; Pakistan and USA, and are servicing their clients. Hence, Paragon International Marketing is the composite Solutions Provider of:

  • All Types Raised Access Flooring
  • All Types False Ceiling
  • All Types Wood Flooring
  • All Types Aluminium & Glass Partitioning
  • CCTV Camera & Networking
  • Anti Blast Shatter Film

Raised Access Flooring

The normal office areas made of highly compressed chipboard panel-El provides an excellent sound absorption capacity and thermal insulation qualities. The base is a galvanized steel sheet for reinforcement of the load bearing capacity, and its edges are sealed with a special edge trim. The substructure is made of height adjustable steel pedestals which are glued on the subsoil.

False Ceiling

The False ceiling systems solve the problem of dirty, unhygienic ceilings that are difficult, and expensive to clean by providing a bright, durable and hygienic surface, which is easily maintained. This extremely practical ceiling system is suitable for any area requiring a fixed, non-porous, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling.


Wood Flooring

Wooden floors have always been the ultimate status and style proclamation. Wood acts as an excellent flooring material, being completely natural provides extremely elegant outlook. The popularity of this form of flooring stems from the fact that it is extremely versatile and can go well with nearly any and every kind of furnishings. Wooden flooring also adds to the elegance as well as the visual value of your home.

Aluminium & Glass Partitioning

Our movable (and immovable) glass partition and walls will implement the space division in a flexible and stylish manner, just as individually as you desire. Movable glass wall preserve the spacious character of the room and give an increased choice of space applications. Glass partition walls are a series of individual toughened glass panels, which are suspended from and slide along a robust aluminum ceiling track.

CCTV Camera & Networking

In accordance with surveillance reports, the Closed Circuit TV Cameras have presently done a great deal of support in securing the effects of a small business. These protection products have delivered the company proprietors the vivid proof that in case of an unwanted occasion that may likely arise at any time, CCTV Camera can record the entire movement for facilitating the security agencies to identify and reach to the culprits.

Anti Blast Shatter Film

Paragon deals with bomb blast protection products, can provide reliable protection for your business and home, properties and assets, staff and the public. The company’s specialized blast mitigation anti-shatter film can be relied upon to prevent damage and injury in the event of a blast.

Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

We had an amazing experience with Paragon Flooring! They helped us pick out the perfect floor for our home, and their installation team did a great job putting it all together. You won’t regret choosing them as your new supplier!

Jaffer Shahzaib

Jaffer Shahzaib

My flooring experience with the representatives of Paragon Flooring was perfect from start to finish. The installers were professional, polite, hardworking individuals who left me smiling each time I walked into my house because of their amazing work on new floors!

Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi

We are so happy with our beautiful ceiling! Paragon Ceiling did an amazing job and were professional, nice workers. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their ceilings done right away.

Shaneela Jalil

Shaneela Jalil

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