Raised Flooring System

Type 312

The system for normal office areas. Made of highly compressed chipboard panel-El with excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation qualities. The bottom side is covered with a galvanized steel sheet for reinforcement the load bearing capacity. The edges are sealed with a special edge trim. The substructure is made of height adjustable steel pedestals which are glued on the subsoil. The conductivity (Re) of the system will be warranted constructive and through adapted floor coverings. Continuously controls through us and foreign offices with security certificates guaranteed a raised floor system according to the accepted rules of the technics.


  Office, phone exchange, lecture room and   trainings room

  Thickness of panel:

  38,5 mm

  Bottom side:

  Galvanized steel sheet


  All adapted raised floor covers

  Static of the panel:


  Single load:

  4.100 N/panel

  Distributed load:

  20.000 N/sqm

  Static of the system:

  Safety direction line BVS

  Load increment:


  Normal point load:

  3.000 N

  Safety point load:

  6.000 N

  Building material class according   to DIN 4102



  600 x 600 mm

  Galvanized steel pedestals, for FFH 65 -1.325   mm