Raised Flooring System

Type 412

The not flammable system for higher requires. This sys­tem fulfills the fire regulation technical requirements of the LBO. The panel core made of calcium sulfate gua­rantee! through his own weight an especially high level of sound insulation. The edges are sealed with a special edge trim. The sub­structure is made of height adjustabled steel pede­stals which are glued on the subsoil. The conduc­tivity (Re) of the system will be warranted con-structiv and through adap­ted floor coverings. Con­tinuously controls through us and foreign offices with security certificates gua-ranted a raised floor sys­tem according to the ac­cepted rules of the tech­nics.



  Office, phone exchange, lecture room and   trainings room

  Thickness of panel:

  36,5 mm

  Bottom side:

  Galvanized steel sheet


  All adapted raised floor covers

  Static of the panel:


  Single load:

  7.000 N/panel

  Distributed load:

  30.000 N/sqm

  Static of the system:

  Safety direction line BVS

  Load increment:


  Normal point load:

  4.000 N

  Safety point load:

  8.000 N

  Building material class according   to DIN 4102



  600 x 600 mm


  21,2 kg/panel (without covering)

  Sound test according to
  DIN 52210 Weight, lateral
  sound reductionindes:

  RLWP 52 dB*

  Weight normalized
  impact sound level:

  LNWP 43 dB*

  Reduction of impact noise:

  LWP 15 dB*


  Galvanized steel pedestals, for FFH 65 -1.325   mm