Anti Blast Shatter Film

Paragon deals with bomb blast protection products, can provide reliable protection for your business and home, properties and assets, staff and the public. The company’s specialized blast mitigation anti-shatter film can be relied upon to prevent damage and injury in the event of a blast.

Paragon deals with anti-shatter window film is suitable for fitting in all glazed areas of a particular building, negating the risk of injury from flying glass in the event of a natural disaster, civil disturbance or bomb blast. Our solutions also include a range of anchoring systems to increase the protection levels offered by anti-shatter window film even further.

This anchoring system by Paragon has proven increasingly popular in recent years due to the heightened risks of terror threats and attacks. The clear glass containment film has the ability to offer an instant, cost-efficient retrofit option, either with or without anchoring and edge-retention, delivering enhanced safety and security.

Advantages of bomb blast protection include:

  • Professional installation of AGT anti-shatter film ensures a near-transparent protective layer over glass surfaces.
  • The anti-shatter film heightens security by binding potentially dangerous shards of glass together in the event that the window is smashed or shattered.
  • The blast protection product is bonded using an aggressive and pressure sensitive adhesive solution to ensure that shattered glass will stay adhered to the film, reducing the risk to the surrounding public and area. Paragon anti-shatter films undergo thorough testing and are approved to the standards of GSA, ISO and BSEN.